1st int. conference

General Information

The 1st International conference held in 2015 in city of Alexandroupolis, an essential intermodal hub in northeast Mediterranean Sea.

The main objectives of this conference related with the transport sector innovation in strategic planning, business development and economic contribution specifically related to intermodal transport. The focus is on the main economic advantages of developing intermodal transport, but also on the usage limits brought by particularities of transport modes. Special attention is given to decision making for investments and project financing in infrastructures to promote intermodal options. The discussion agenda includes analysis of the implications on the quality and cost of supply chain. The 2 days international conference held in city of Alexandroupolis, Greece, October 15th and 16th, 2015. Conference web: http://1st-international-conference-econ-duth.eeee.org.gr

Selected papers from the conference were published in the special issue:
International Journal of Decision Support Systems
Special Issue: Management and Decision Making in Transport, Vol.2 No.4, 2017